Insecure Mother/Child Bond and Anxiety
February 25, 2015
Insecure Mother/Child Bond and Anxiety

Dr. Laura,

Thank you for continuing to encourage mothers in their full-time parenting. I feel for the young moms who call you and say they feel unproductive as a stay-at-home parent. The "you-can-do-it-all-just-dump-your-kids-in-day-care" mentality has taken a firm grip with women AND the children suffer. Women need to know, if you are not there, you will NOT forge a strong bond. Your child WILL suffer. As a day care worker, I witnessed children, especially boys, who were angry at their mothers at drop off and pick up. This will come back to haunt us as parents and as a society, for what is scarier than an angry, anxious, young male who is lost in this world?
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Thank you for encouraging mothers. They need you and so do their babies. Don't ever stop!


Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM