The Well-Being Of Children Should Always Come First
May 21, 2019
The Well-Being Of Children Should Always Come First

Thank you for never letting off the hook those parents who put their love life ahead of the well-being of their minor children.  My childhood was miserable because my parents married and divorced numerous times, shacked up, married people with kids and made new kids.  All this nonsense affected the lives of eleven children!

Somehow, I prevailed, married a wonderful man, and for three decades have lived the happy life I dreamed about as a kid.  I use my husband's parents as models of marriage and family life and use my own parents as models of what NOT to do.  Consequently, we created a warm, loving and safe home for our children.  

My heart goes out to those children your callers often talk about.  These kids have no choice in the situations that are created for them by the adults in their lives, yet the adults are often mystified by way the children behave the way they do.  It's so sad.  Please continue telling parents in these scenarios that what they are doing is wrong - the well-being of kids should always come first!


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Posted by Staff at 10:59 AM