In Divorce, Children are the Victims
April 18, 2013
In Divorce, Children are the Victims
Dr. Laura

My partner and I live in a small neighborhood in San Antonio, where most everyone has recently built their new home. Our neighborhood is tightly knit as we have all shared in the similar experience of building a home and have gotten to know each other quite well.

Yesterday, I learned that a couple just two doors down is splitting. The husband claimed he had fallen in love with another woman and decided to leave their family which includes three small children, all under the age of 5. My partner and I play with the kids when they are outside with their mom, and have a routine of taking their little dog back to them when he escapes the back yard. We have become entwined with this family and adore their kids.

I've listened to your program long enough to know that there really isn't anything I can do in this situation except provide support as a friend to the mother and her children as they go through this. I suppose the reason I'm writing is out of anger. Here is a family with three adorable children that is now broken to pieces. The children are left in a financially devastated state with their mother, and the father is now shacking up with some "bimbo" as you so often say.

I'm angry this father can't see the amazing opportunities he will now be missing out on, all for a "bimbo" that comes with no real commitment.

I realize you deal with this on a daily basis, but when it happens right next door, boy does it bring to life what you discuss on your radio show day in and day out. So to those folks out there who have the amazing opportunity to enter into a marriage and live a life with the person you love the most, I would say cherish what you have. Relish in the amazing benefits that come with that institution and cherish it as you would a fine piece of China.

Dr. Laura, keep doing what you're doing, and I only hope that maybe one day this lost father will listen to someone like you and "do the right thing".


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