Please Give Me Your Kids
July 19, 2012
Please Give Me Your Kids

Dear Dr. Laura,

I am sitting here FUMING after listening to one of your calls from a woman with children. I get so damn mad when divorced or single women with children call in and say they have an (sarcasm on) "issue with their boyfriend." (sarcasm off)

I just don't get it. I really don't. My young adult son passed away last year (from heroin, you read my letter on the air), and I would move heaven and earth...I would have 5 minutes to spend with my boy. And for the record, I spent some of his growing-up years as a divorced mother, and I never once had a man in my house when my son was home. In fact, I really didn't date at all and never remarried. And looking back, I thank God for that. It was precious time I would have deeply regretted missing. I celebrate every moment I spent with him.

For some years, I had to work to support him and me, but I passed up many opportunities to "get ahead" because it would require overtime and the "opportunity" simply paled in comparison to being with my son. Again, I wouldn't change a THING! Thank God my son was more important than feeling important to people who will forget me a month after I retire.

So, despite my everlasting grief, at least I know I gave my boy everything I had, while I had him. What a blessing, indeed! I shudder to think of the guilt I would feel today had it been otherwise. Was I perfect parent? Nope, but I tried my best, and I can say with a clear heart I always put my cherished son first. There is NO gift or responsibility greater than having a child, and I lost my only one, so yes, I get damn mad when these women who call in clearly don't put their children first. I would gratefully take their children off their hands for them in a New York Minute!!!



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