Your Definition Of Guilt Changed My Life
September 23, 2016
Your Definition Of Guilt Changed My Life

Dear Dr. Laura,

I found you a couple years ago on Sirius, by way of a dear friend who has been a long time listener. She would quote your brilliance as we would be talking among girlfriends about the everyday challenges of relationships, marriages and raising children. So I began listening, understanding, and healing.

Too busy with trying to keep up with life, I have pushed much needed therapy further and further down the list of priorities. I learn something from you every day. I learn so much in fact, that I have started my "DLJ" - my Dr. Laura Journal. Darting in and out of dental offices all day long, I only get snippets of your show, and it frequently seems like you are talking directly to me. Now I write down what I have learned. Later, I go back and marinade on it and learn even more.

Dr. Laura, you taught me about guilt. More specifically, what guilt is not. That has changed my life. Guilt has been my dark companion for many years. Knowing now, what guilt is and is not, I have freed myself of the guilt, because it has no place. I did nothing intentionally wrong. I no longer need forgiveness from those who are not present to give it, for me to heal and move on. The levity is indescribable. Thank you Dr. Laura. You are so right when you say that you never know just how what you say to one person on the air, will affect another listener. You have helped me in countless ways. Thank you, Dr. Laura, from the bottom of my heart.



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Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM