Making My Day
April 6, 2018
Making My Day

Dear Dr. Laura:

I'm a high school science teacher, and I teach ninth and tenth graders.  Most days, I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle, what with all the distractions teenagers have today.  Trying to get them to listen and do their homework is quite challenging.  While I can't teach them morals and values, I do set an example for them in all that I do.

My favorite quote from you is "Choose wisely; treat kindly," and I have used it with my students on different occasions.  The other day, one of my ninth graders came up after class and said, "Mrs. S, a long time ago you used this cool quote in class and I love it.  It's my favorite!"  Then she proceeded to show me her sketch book where she had written in CALLIGRAPHY your phrase "Choose wisely; treat kindly."  She asked where I got the quote, and I told her.  She said she's going to make a poster of the quote for me, so I can hang it in my classroom!

I feel like I'm never getting through to these kids and then something like this happens to make my entire day.  Thank you for the quote and for making my day and the day of that 14-year-old girl. 



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