She was an Abandoned Child
April 9, 2013
She was an Abandoned Child

Dr. Laura,

My little cousin was born to a mother who turned to drugs and a father who was never around due to his choice in jobs. She recently wrote this poem to express her feelings and gave me permission to share it with you.

"I am an abandoned child. I wonder why my parents didn't want me. I hear my little brother and sister crying in the night. I see the lights go out and every time I have hope. I want somebody to love me. I am an abandoned child.

I am an abandoned child. I pretend that I have a normal family. I feel all alone and scared never knowing what tomorrow holds. I need to be saved. I worry that things will never change. I cry when I can't help my brother and sister. I am an abandoned child.

I am an abandoned child. I understand that nothing in life is fair. I believe that God will save me. I dream that one day me, my brother and sister will be together again. I try to keep hope that things will change. I hope that my brother and sister are happy and safe. I am an abandoned child."

My cousin is now an adult and, despite being an abandoned child, she has overcome adversity and is on the right track in life. I hope this poem touches the lives of many and reiterates the facts you always preach: "the number one job in a parent's life is being a parent!" We need fewer abandoned children in this world and more devoted parents!

Thank you for all you do, Dr. Laura and I hope you continue to do it for many more years!



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