Giving Up Would Be Easy
November 21, 2019
Giving Up Would Be Easy

Called about a year ago because I was struggling with my career. We had recently moved and I had to give up a good job in a bad economy. I was struggling to find my footing and provide for my family. This was seriously damaging my self-confidence, which in turn, was hurting my relationship with my wife and children.

When we talked last year, you told me that my current difficulty was not my fault. Things were bad for everyone and I didn't get to feel like I was the only one having a hard time. We also talked about possible directions I should and should not consider. Things like writing, for example, were unlikely to yield any major returns based on the amount of time they would take. Instead, we talked some about my strengths and how I should proceed.

It is now almost a full year later and things have turned around. I am now a manager at a good company, utilizing many of my skills and experience to lead a team doing work that is important to me. I just wanted to get back to you to thank you and encourage others not to give up.That was the thing that helped me most during these difficult months. No matter how hard things were, I must never give up.

Giving up would be easy, but wouldn't help anyone except those who would prefer to see me fail. For the sake of my children, my wife, and especially myself. I have held on to hope and come out on top.

Thank you very much Dr. Laura!

Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM