Just Run!
May 4, 2012
Just Run!

I am an avid listener and have been so since 1992. I am 38. I thought I chose wisely and treated kindly, but I see I lacked in both of those departments. After my 13 year marriage broke up, I was devastated. I have my two amazing daughters but who am I if not a "wife"? I am still having trouble with that.

You had a woman on your show not too long ago who was going to run the Boston marathon. I thought...oh yeah...I've always wanted to do that...BUT...

Then you had a woman on later who was having trouble with her new season in life. I thought - I'm in a new season. I hate it. I wish I could have a goal like running a marathon, BUT...BUT...BUT...


So, I am writing to tell you I am training for my first EVER marathon scheduled for January 13, 2013. You are my mentor and my moral compass. I wanted to tell you, so when I send you my picture after I complete my marathon you will know why.

Thank you Dr. Laura! Thank you for helping me with this new season in a positive way. I am my kid's MOM! I can now be someone they can look up too!!!

Oh...By the way, as, I was running at my local jogging park I was pacing myself with this woman who was a pretty good runner. When we finished and were getting water I told her she was kicking my butt. She was very sweet and smiled. Turned out she was 65! I felt like it was you kicking my butt.  So, thanks!


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