God Spent Time On That
October 28, 2016
God Spent Time On That

Dr. Laura:

I was listening to your program recently, when you told a woman that you told your son at the age of five what abortion was.  Never having had this discussion with my three kids (ages 10, 8 and 4), my 10-year-old son asked me what it was (he had heard the presidential candidates discussing it at one of the debates).

I told him "It's when a woman gets pregnant and decides to get rid of the baby."  My 8 year old daughter then said "God spent time making that baby - don't just throw it away!"  She followed that comment with "If I got pregnant and didn't want it, I wouldn't do that."  I could not have been more proud at that moment and (at the risk of speaking "psycho-babble") validated.

All the days when I've wondered what the hell I'm doing as a mom, and praying that I'm not screwing up my kids vanished when she said that.  I'm happy to know that I'm raising human beings who value life as much as my husband and I do.  This was too good not to share with you and your listeners.  Thank you!


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