Inappropriate Dress
October 25, 2012
Inappropriate Dress

I used to pick my son up from middle school and see a few girls wearing very short shorts and revealing tops and I just assumed both their parents worked and didn't see them when these girls got dressed for school. I would point them out to my son and tell him not to bring home any girls who dressed like that! Not that he needed to be told, but still it seemed like a good time to point that out to him, lest there be any doubt.

Now that he is in high school, I have noticed a fair number of girls in the same skimpy attire, who even if it was appropriate, do not in any manner, shape or form have the figure for such a display, with blubber oozing everywhere. As a parent you owe it to your child to teach them what is appropriate and flattering and intervene when they are unable to discern that on their own for their own well being.

It makes me ill to see parents encouraging their elementary school daughters to look like street walkers. Where in the world do they think that is going to get them? Note to such parents: It is not cute and it is not okay.

I would also like to know why so many women are on a quest to show as much cleavage as possible from newscasters to everyday moms. Do they really think that looks good? Is that what they want to model for their kids? I am not a prude, but there really is a time and a place for such displays.

Keep fighting the good fight Dr. Laura, America needs you.


Posted by Staff at 12:15 PM