Most Memorable First Day of School
August 3, 2012
Most Memorable First Day of School

The first day of school for me always came with jitters and a stomach so nervous, I could have thrown up at any moment. It's ironic I now work in a school and I'm happy to say I don't feel that way anymore!

I have one memory other than my stomach that comes to mind with a smile... It was 9th grade. I met up with a girl I had known in 5th grade but was separated during our middle school years due to a division of the district. We were so happy to be sitting in the same math class. There were still several minutes before the final bell rang and she jumped up and declared she had to go to the bathroom. She asked me to tell the teacher so that if the bell should ring before she returned, he would be aware she had really been there on time. The bell rang, and the teacher walked in the door at the same time and hit the ground running with his first day of school spiel. I had no time to tell him about Melonie's whereabouts. A good minute after the bell had rung, Melonie walked into the room with her head held high, confident that her tardiness was noted. She strolled across the front of the room to the far side front row where we were seated. The teacher stopped talking and stared at her. I almost hit the floor laughing. Her skirt was tucked into the top of her pantyhose! (I'm dating myself, I know). When the teacher asked her why she was late, she looked at me with that, "didn't you tell him" look. I said, "Melonie, your skirt is tucked into your underwear." She turned purple. To this day, before I leave a ladies' room, I smooth my hand across my bottom to make SURE I am covered!


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