Keeping Your Marriage Hot
June 11, 2020
Keeping Your Marriage Hot

Here is a list of ways I keep the sizzle in my marriage:

  1. Pop into the shower with him.

  2. Pose on the hood of the car in my underwear after our kid goes to bed.

  3. Make his favorite dinners.

  4. Greet him with "Hi, Handsome!" when he comes home from work, and ask about his day.

  5. Reach for the 'nether' parts when snuggling in bed.

  6. Find ways to love his mother.

My prince is 56, I am 54. Our son is off to college sometime later this year, and we just celebrated our 27th anniversary!

By the way, I married my husband a month before my 27th birthday. I am so glad I waited!


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