Another Day Care Nightmare
August 24, 2012
Another Day Care Nightmare

A former coworker of mine has her 3-year-old in day care 5 days a week. Over a weekend, her son had a seizure; resulting in an ambulance ride and 2 days in the hospital. When she called to notify the day care that her son would not be attending Monday morning due to his illness, the woman said (I paraphrase) "Oh yeah, he has had a couple of those here in the past few weeks. Sorry I forgot to mention it."

My friend was appalled. Her son has a potentially fatal condition. Not only did the day care fail to call 911, they failed to notify either of the parents! To add insult to injury, the day care is supposedly run by a family friend.

Some friend.

So lucky to be a SAHM for my 2 boys...


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