Singing His Love
May 24, 2012
Singing His Love

My husband and I are both musicians. While dating, I had written a lovey-dovey love song to him, and he was so moved by it, he decided to do the same for me. But he got halfway through writing it and developed a serious case of writer's block. The months went by and I had forgotten about the unfinished song.

A few days before our 1 year dating anniversary, he visited me at work, during my lunch break, with guitar in hand to show me the finished song. I'd had a horrible day at work with demanding and rude customers, so I was extra happy to see him. He played up to the part of the song he'd finished before the writer's block hit. Then he put down the guitar, pulled a ring box out of his pocket and set it down opened in front of me. He picked the guitar back up and continued the song..."Your beautiful face lights my life. So now I ask you, please be my wife..." After he finished the song, I said yes through my tears, and he put the beautiful ring on my finger. It was all so wonderfully romantically cliché! I can't imagine a better proposal. Now, two weeks before we celebrate our 10 yr. anniversary, after 5 kids, all our ups and downs, we are both still hopeless romantics.


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