What Happened to Women?
March 27, 2012
What Happened to Women?

Dr. Laura,

The letter "Men Are Not Disposable" hit home and brought tears to me eyes. I am in a very similar circumstance right now. I tried to "eat dirt" but after 8 years of trying I could not anymore. I began to stand up for myself and demand I be treated with, love, dignity, and respect. My situation was slightly different in that my wife suffered from a disability where I cared for her for over two years while she was confined to a hospital bed. I still worked a full time job, took care of the home, and raised four children. When my wife went into a "semi-remission" she began to choose what and who to spend her time and energy on. I was not high on that list and it soon became obvious I was disposable. In our final "discussion" before it all went south, I asked my wife for just 30 minutes of her time a week for love and affection (yes, dare I say SEX) and she refused. I then asked her, "Is our marriage not worth 30 minutes a week?" And with the coldest look I have ever witnessed she replied, "If you put it that way, NO".

She soon moved out and took the children while blaming me and even called me a "narcissistic nymphomaniac" for wanting to have sex more than once every 8 years! What nerve she has after I cared for her and took care of the children for years.

She moved in with her parents and then they forbid me to come on the property. The only way I can see my children is to get divorced so I will have an enforceable court order. (I live in a state where there is no legal separation) So today, my attorney has filed for a divorce.

Men are not disposable but this generation of women are lost I am afraid.


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