There's Another Option Than Taking Pills
December 29, 2011
There's Another Option Than Taking Pills

Dear Dr. Laura,

I used to listen to you when I was in college, mainly for entertainment, you seemed so hard on people. I found you again this last year on Sirius. I am now 40, my husband's girlfriend, and my kids' mom. Unfortunately, I had to learn these lessons myself and not from you. It took a lot longer for me to figure it out on my own!

My husband and I met in veterinary school. I was raised by divorced parents and was expected to go to college and get a career. After having my first son, I went back to work full-time after 6 weeks because I honestly did not have anyone mention there was another option. Then my daughter and a second son came along...I was stressed! I was definitely no longer being a good wife to the amazing man I married.

I went to my annual ob visit and told my doctor I was crying all the time and not happy at all. He asked about lifestyle and stress; then mentioned anti-depressants. This was the ah-ha moment for me! Pills! I am supposed to take pills now to make me happy? Needless to say my husband and I started a conversation. I had to get over the guilt of taking on debt to go to school, and now not work. We looked at our budget and I went down to part-time. I did that for a year and we realized it was time for me to stay home full time. I was able to stay home with my youngest for two years before he started kindergarten. The greatest two years of my life. I am devastated when I think about what I missed with my two older children. But I am home for them now. I won't say it's been easy. We have had to really watch our pennies. But, despite the financial set back, our family is happy, I'm happy, and my husband is happy. He got his sexy girlfriend back and dinner at home (most nights -  ha-ha). Oh, and I never took the pills.

I just wished I had been listening to you! Then maybe I would have had those years at home with my younger children.

Thank you for all the support you give to stay at home moms!


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