He Made My Wish Come True
May 24, 2019
He Made My Wish Come True

I have been married to a wonderful man for almost four years, and we have two sons, aged 2 and 5 months old.  I used to work over forty hours a week on a head injury unit as a speech pathologist.  I continued to do so after having my first son.  I'd drop him off at my parents' house at 7AM and pick him up at 4PM.  It was horrible.  I felt like I wasn't a mom.

When we got pregnant a second time, I knew that I just did not want to continue what I was doing but was nervous to talk to my husband about it, because I didn't know if we could financially swing the change.  Well, I only had to say once that I wanted to leave my job and be a mom to our boys, and he said, "don't worry; I'll figure it out."  

It's been 7 months now that I've been a stay-at-home mom, doing a few home care cases four hours a week just to keep my foot in the door.  I have meals ready for my husband when he gets home every day, and I tell him every night how much I appreciate him as he has made it possible for me to do the most amazing thing in the world - raise our sons.  


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