My Marriage Is The Example For My Kids
November 30, 2018
My Marriage Is The Example For My Kids

Dr. Laura, 

I'm doing the dishes, listening to your podcast, shocked at the number of women calling to complain about their husbands. It has occurred to me that a lot of these women would profess to be good mothers. Many of them stating they started neglecting their husband as soon as they had kids. After reading "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" and listening to you, I realized that I should treat my husband at least as good as I treat my kids. 

One day it was very hot and my 2-year-old son was playing outside with my husband. Even though my son was in the shade, he was already sweating. I decided to bring out a wet washcloth to cool him off. And since I was thinking about my husband, I decided to bring one out for him too. I wiped the sweat off my kidlet's face and the back of his neck. Then I walked over to my husband to do the same. He was very surprised, even asking "Is that for me?". After I was finished, he was putty in my hands. All because I afforded him the same thought that I did my 2-year-old. I try to keep this in mind to for the future. My marriage is the example for my kids. 

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