My Husband Told Me the Facts
October 11, 2012
My Husband Told Me the Facts

Dear Dr. Laura, 

I want to write my story just for others like me (and like the overweight anchorwoman from Wisconsin).

Last winter, I weighed A LOT! My husband suggested I joined a weight loss program. I did, but boy was I angry he thought I was FAT. I thought this particular program I joined was for old people who had hit bottom and really had nowhere else to go. Well, as time went on, I realized that was me.  My body was so tired that I felt 100-years-old and I had hit bottom. I couldn't run from my car to my door without being winded.

Earlier this year, when my youngest child turned one, I started running. I would run one minute and walk one and a half minutes. It was hard work. I bought a dog for a running companion (he was smaller than the snow banks, but I took him anyway).  Now, months later, I run 8 km and have lost 37 pounds.

I have my husband to thank for being honest with me and telling me the facts!  He really did save my life. I am now able to play soccer with my children and run with them.

Let me encourage the people who aren't sure where to start... the hardest part of exercise is putting your shoes on - the rest just follows!

Thank you Dr. Laura for being honest in a world where we don't like to offend with the truth...The truth needs to be heard.


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