My Daughter-in-Law, a Stay-at-Home Mom
July 30, 2014
My Daughter-in-Law, a Stay-at-Home Mom

Dr. Laura,

You are always reading delightful letters from new stay-at-home moms, so as the mother-in-law to a wonderful stay-at-home mom, I would love to add one to the gathering. My daughter-in-law had a very good job in advertising, when my first grandchild was born.  She continued to work and we all chipped in - you really had to twist my arm to take care of this wonderful baby girl. Ha!  We had so much fun!

When the second little girl was born, my daughter-in-law stopped working. I gave her your book, "In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms" to celebrate. She is the best mom; they do so many things together and I am such a proud grandmother. A big change for the better for me.  I remember two days a week having to drop their father off at the babysitter, and then crying all the way to work.

Thank you, Dr. Laura for all you do.  You make the world a better place.


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