What Lifestyle Do You Want in Your Future?
February 4, 2013
What Lifestyle Do You Want in Your Future?
Here are some possible reasons why that 18-year-old girl, who was thinking about career vs. motherhood and what lifestyle she wanted in her future, couldn't answer your question...(Listen to the call here.)
1. Maybe she never had an awesome mom who made the most amazing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for kindergarten.

2. Maybe her mom was probably too busy to walk her to school... she never had this amazing adventure.

3. Maybe she never had her mother at the house and enjoy reading time with Mom (either in or outdoors) making all the silly voices of the characters....

4. Maybe Mom wasn't there when she pulled her first tooth out and took care of the bleeding with the most amazing care you would ever experience in your life.

5. Maybe Mom was on the phone while she played. Mom should've known her child was only trying to get her attention...

6. Mom didn't tell her to do the right thing and end the conversation with a kiss and a life lesson.

7. Maybe she never had mom for nap time to help her fall asleep.

8. Maybe MOM neglected to give to this young daughter grocery store time - another great adventure.

Doesn't it strike you as odd she didn't mention what deep, face-to-face conversation she had with "Mom" about the issue she called about regarding school and family life in the future. I may not talk with my mom often but when I have trouble Mom and/or Dad are the ones who guide me.

I've seen both sides of this situation. Kids raised by others usually have deeper relationships and bonds with strangers than with their mothers. Son/Daughter to Mom relationship is superficial and ok but not special.

She may not accept that she has issues now, but she will when college and loneliness hits her in the face that first semester.  She'll see all these amazing kids who had stay-at-home moms and she will then realize, she had half a childhood, not a whole one like we, the lucky ones, the ones who mattered the most to our mothers, had.

Posted by Staff at 2:18 PM