Something To Share With Our Children
March 1, 2017
Something To Share With Our Children

Dr. Laura:

Last November, you read my email about how much I loved and appreciated my police officer husband, who then expressed his love and appreciation for ME.  I was listening to your podcast in my car when I heard you read it.  Even though I had written the email, when I heard the emotion you expressed, I began to shake, and I turned my car around and headed home.  

My husband was surprised to see me, but I just held out my iPod to him so he could listen.  He looked at me curiously, but as the email went on, he knew this couldn't be from anyone but me.  He immediately took me in his arms.  He then made another recording of the call and now he says he listens to it at least once a week to keep him going.  

We plan to save the recording for as long as we can, so we can share it with our children when they grow up.


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