Military School
May 13, 2014
Military School

I was very uplifted and touched by your discussion of military schools as an alternative to the public school system. Our youngest is 13 years old and is in his second year of military school.  My husband and I agree this is one of the best decisions we've ever made. This boy came into the world with more "zest for life" than I've ever witnessed and is thriving in this environment like you wouldn't believe! Well, YOU would believe it. I had no real knowledge of military schools, previous to this, but, in hind sight, I would have sent my older two children had I known the tremendous positive impact it can have. 

My son was moved up a grade in math and has just received "blue beret" status, which identifies him as having one of the top three GPA's in middle school. He's always been smart (part of his issue), but the change in attitude, accountability and maturity have been astounding. The young men on campus are so dignified and respectful toward the parents. I can't walk on the grounds without a cadet asking if I need assistance or they can help carry something. I am continually moved by the compassion they have developed for each other and the community. 

The best parenting is usually the hardest. Doing the right thing for our boy was, at first, the hardest thing we've ever had to do. 


My cadet's mom

Posted by Staff at 10:20 AM