Getting Through the Bad Days
August 1, 2018
Getting Through the Bad Days

I have a long story. I was only 17 when my father killed my mother, brother and 2 sisters. I married soon after and it ended in divorce. My second husband of now 33 years and I were blessed with 3 children: two boys and a girl. Our daughter died when she was just 28 days old. My husband found her; SIDS was the listed as the cause of death. When others hear my story and say, "How do you do it?"  I reply with a huge smile, "Why Dr. Laura gets me through the bad days!"

My husband and I listen to you often and we have enjoyed your insight into life. Your calls do enjoy a lot of lively discussions. I just want you to know even someone as damaged as I am can find peace within your words. Please enjoy another 50 years of being MOTHER LAURA!

Thank you from one of your survivors!

Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM