Teachable Moments
July 17, 2019
Teachable Moments

Dr. Laura:

Our son really wanted a game for his system.  I took him shopping to buy it, but it was outside our budget, so we decided to wait.  When going back to our car, we saw two game cartridges wedged under our right front tire.  If I had backed up, I would have crushed them.  My son said "wow, we got two free games!" but I said that they weren't ours to keep and we needed to give them to the store.  He was disappointed, but we went back to see the manager.  She asked us to meet with her Security Manager to describe where we found them.  They took our name and phone number.  My son learned that we couldn't take things that weren't ours and that to take them was equivalent to stealing them.

Four months later, the store manager called me and asked my son and me to come by.  When we arrived, she gave us the two games.  They had researched their inventory and they were not short any games from theft. Their store policy was to give the returned property (if it wasn't claimed within four months) to the Good Samaritan who had turned it in.  So, my son got the games for the right reason, and he gave the second game to a friend whose family was struggling.  We always look for teachable moments and that was yet another one -- about giving to others.  


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