The Power of Giving
April 9, 2020
The Power of Giving

Several years ago, as we were getting ready to go to church, my daughters asked me for money to give in their Bible Study class.  I hadn't gotten paid yet, so I didn't have any money at all.  Then I remembered I had a peanut butter jar where I'd keep quarters for the laundry.  There were only two quarters in the jar, so I gave them each one.  I didn't have anything for myself to give that day.

Usually after church, we would walk home, take a nap and then go for a nice brief walk.  That day, while walking, I saw a beautiful flower on this huge green bush.  I went over to look at it, and on the dirt underneath the green bush there was a mountain of brand new, sparkling quarters!  I was beside myself with excitement.  I didn't know what to think, and then I remembered that I had given the church the only money I had - those two quarters in the peanut butter jar.

I always look back and remember the day that I found those quarters.  I believe that when you give - whether it's money, kindness, a smile or joy - you too will be blessed. 


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