Fight or Be Fat!
August 15, 2013
Fight or Be Fat!

Dr Laura:

Recently, you were talking to a caller who was giving excuses as to why she couldn't lose weight. You gave her the hard facts: eat less, move more in more words than that. You gave me a much needed double slap behind the head to get back on track again. You see I lost 95 lbs. a couple years ago and recently fell and broke my wrist.  I am in a full cast on my left arm. I have been having a pity party, feeling sorry for myself, and have been eating volumes and sitting on my butt, gaining weight. You are so right it is hard to stay on track and not be lazy.  Your words made me realize I worked too hard to give up on how I look and feel now compared to 95 lbs. ago. My cast will come off in 4 weeks and I am going to fight to get off the 9 lbs. I gained being a whiner and get back on track because no one can do it for me - only I can. I do not want to be the two-thirds of America again like I was before. It's a choice you make - you're either FIGHT OR BE FAT!

Thanks Dr Laura. Keep letting your trainer kick your butt because you look great!

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