Stupid Things Celebrities Do
October 7, 2014
Stupid Things Celebrities Do

Yet, another example of how we should emulate the parenting of children just like our uber famous celebrities. Here is a quote from Tina Fey in US Weekly about her daughter, Penelope, who is 3 years old. "Once I finally got her into preschool....I was like 'Hey, let me tell you some stuff about her: She's not potty trained, she's allergic to nuts, and she bites. Gotta go!" I can't imagine how that little girl feels every day. Her own mother won't even take the time to teach her how to do a very basic, but extremely significant developmental milestone in her life. Just let the hired help do it. She's too busy with her own 'very important and IQ stimulating' TV shows and movies to bother with parenting her own children. 

I am thoroughly disgusted with our society and how these people are idolized. Just last weekend, I attended a festival with a few of my girlfriends and was horrified by the comments that my mom friend of a 7-month-old girl and not-a-mom friend too old to have children made about day care. The discussion basically went like this: 

Mom friend: "I feel terrible. My little girl is the first one at day care and the last one to be picked up from day care. I cried the other day about it. I've just been so busy at work. But I can't believe that some moms drop their kids off at day care and they don't work! They go get their nails done or go play tennis!" 

Me: "Why do you women have children?" 

Not-A-Mom friend: "I think all babies need to be in day care, so they can learn to socialize and their bodies can become immune to all of the illnesses out there." 

Me: "Thank goodness you will never have children." 

I am currently reading your book "Stupid Things Parents Do to Mess Up Their Kids' Lives". I'll have you know I am not doing any of those stupid things to my children, nor will I ever! I am and will always be the complete opposite of our very stupid celebrities because I am my kids' mom. 


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