'Are You Crazy' Glares
September 4, 2012
'Are You Crazy' Glares

Dear Dr. Laura,

In my adult life, I have been exposed to what I affectionately like to call the "Are you crazy glares" from others.

One of the most memorable "Are you crazy glares" came when I told a woman why I was a stay-at-home mom. I explained, "When they put my newborn daughter into my arms, the first words out of my mouth to my husband were, 'I am never going back to work again.'" She said, "But you can afford a nanny to take care of her." I kindly responded, "I am her mother; this is my new life's calling. I want to be a present mother, not only to love her, but to teach her, and watch every “first” that comes with a growing child and not hire someone to do that for me."

Last year, I received "Are you crazy glares" when I told a few friends how heartbreaking it was to watch my children start school for the first time and how silent the house was without them in it all day long. "But you are free to do what you want without children getting in the way!" they exclaimed. I replied, "They are not in my way; they are part of the fun in every day."

And today, yet again, "Are you crazy glares" stared back at me when a fellow mom from my children's school asked why I didn't enroll them in a camp every week of the summer break. "What did you do with them all day long?" she asked in an exhausted tone. My reply was simple but long-winded:

"Let's see….what did we do....
We built forts in the backyard, jumped puddles after a long summer day's rain. We invented the perfect cookie recipe with just the right amount of chocolate chips. We went swimming. We played board games, had a few lemonade stands, enjoyed movie nights with fresh popcorn, went to the park, read books, and created some not-so-great works of art. Had “PJ Mondays” and breakfast in bed. Even our trips to the grocery were fun as a promised cookie for good behavior awaited them at home. I taught my daughter how to braid hair. I built obstacle courses in the backyard with my son. And together we made up plays and shows as I was trained by my kids how to be their perfect backup singer and dancer. And my favorite time this summer was when my kids walked me down a sandy beach as I renewed my vows of ten years to their Daddy."

For all those moms who enjoyed their summer as much as I did, know you are not alone and far from being crazy that you enjoyed spending it with your kids.

Thank you Dr. Laura for continuing to give a positive voice to the stay-at-home moms in America that actually believe they are doing the right thing!!!

I am starting to believe if I get keep getting the "Are you crazy glares" I must be on the right path for my life and more importantly for my family!

I am my kids' mom, my hubby's girlfriend and a huge Dr. Laura fan!


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