Little Minds Have Big Ears
March 23, 2017
Little Minds Have Big Ears

Dr. Laura,

I was just reading the blog about conversations you need to have with your spouse, and not in front of the kids. My mind went back to a couple weeks ago.

My husband, three kids and I were traveling home from church when my husband and I were talking about how we were going to our pay taxes. We are self-employed and it's that time of year again. Well, the next morning my seven-year-old boy, who has been saving his money for months for a dirt bike, came to me and asked how much the taxes were. I looked at him trying to grasp what he was asking, and then I remembered the conversation of the night before. I told him it was a lot, but God would provide the work for daddy to be able to pay. He said he wanted to know how much it was so he could pay it for us.

I looked at this very giving boy I get to call my son. I realized that even when you don't think they are listening, they are. Now when a subject comes up that may weigh heavy on their young minds, I sweetly tell my husband we can talk about it later. I listen to your podcasts almost every day. And sometimes I find myself in a situation and I ask myself, "what would Dr. Laura do/say." Thank you for all you do. Thanks to you, I do the right things.


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