Keep Your Eyes on The Road and Off Your Phone
August 24, 2016
Keep Your Eyes on The Road and Off Your Phone

Thank you for addressing the serious issue of being distracted while driving. My morning commute during the week is horrendous. This creates a lot of time for me to make the observation of drivers on their phones. 

I have been rear ended twice while driving during my commute. Now more than ever, I am very aware of the drivers surrounding me, especially behind me. Every time I look in my rear view mirror while at a standstill everyone's head is down and into their phones. This steams me up to no end! These people clearly have never been in an accident.

Have you ever been put in danger because someone was paying more attention to their phone, rather than your safety? Send us an email and tell us, by signing up for the FREE Dr. Laura Family and send an email here.


Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM