Are You Smarter Than an Amoeba?
March 1, 2013
Are You Smarter Than an Amoeba?
Hi Dr. Laura-

It seems in the last few days there has been a surge of callers that need to get a backbone. I have been listening to you for over five years and while there are usually a couple of callers a day that are wusses, it seems that as of late it's becoming an epidemic. I used to be one of those spineless people until I found your show. You taught me that after the first awkward instance of finding your spine it gets easier and easier each time after that to stand up for what's right. After the umpteenth "wussy call" today I've decided that the world would benefit greatly from a book by you on this subject. You can call it, "Are You Smarter Than an Amoeba?"  (Referring to your quote: "When amoebas encounter something toxic, they move away.  Please be as smarts as a one-celled animal with no brain.")

Thank you so much for all you do and for helping me find my spine.

MUCH love and gratitude


Posted by Staff at 9:55 AM