Seek to Understand
October 14, 2019
Seek to Understand

Dr. Laura:

I recently read your book, "The Proper Care & Feeding of Marriage". I am in the 2nd year of my third marriage. I was married twice when I was in my 20's, now once and forever in my 50's. The first two were like something from the movie 'Misery'. I was heavily driven by my mothers-in-law when I was too young. I was too inexperienced to stand up to them and their angry anti-male attitudes.

Thank you not only for painting the visions that men and women can come together and have a mutually Happy and harmonious marriage, but also identifying and addressing the root causes of what can make us "go of the tracks". I wish more people would embrace this, and stop having empty, roommate-like marriages, or bitter cold wars.

Seeking to understand the other person's point of view, and seeking to be a giver versus a taker is the key. Thank you!


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Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM