April 11, 2013
"Dr. Laura Jr."
Recently, I was driving with my 11-year-old son to his sister's lacrosse game. We were listening to your show when a mom called in about her 8-year-old son. She spoke about some trouble he had gotten into at school by bullying a special needs child. You proceeded to tell her to pull him out of school, ask him why he would do something like that, and to basically end his privileged life as he knows it... I said nothing, and was wondering what my own son would've done (actually I know he would've stood up for the bullied child). After a moment or two, my very wise son said, "Mom, Dr. Laura sounds just like you! Even the way she says it! That is exactly what you would've said and done."

That was probably the best compliment I have received in a while!  I told him I have learned a lot from you over the years, including the importance of being a stay at home mom!

Thanks so much for your preaching, teaching, and nagging!

My 3 Kids' Mom (14, 11 & 11 years old),


Posted by Staff at 10:40 AM