Dating Over 50
September 13, 2017
Dating Over 50

Dr. Laura, 

I heard that caller who worried about dating as an older woman. I am married, but meet widowed and single over 50-90-year-olds several times a week volunteering at our biggest city hospital. There are hundreds of opportunities and they meet widowed men and single men their age all the time! We use volunteers to rock babies, deliver flowers, take messages, discharge people, push the cookie cart (the most beloved job in hospital), etc.  Also, I am a docent at a historical house in my home town. I did not even know it existed and now I am a reader for the Underground Railroad Program as well as lead tours in the same pre-Civil War house. And I am 58. My gosh, I cannot even tell you how much the zoo needs people. We have volunteers who visit veterans in the hospital and also provide an honor guard around the deceased until they are transported to a funeral home. We have a program "No one should die alone" where volunteers sit with the dying who have no family.  There are so many places she could volunteer to meet other people.  She just needs to pick something she's interested in.  

God bless you and all your hard earned wisdom, 


Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM