It's Not 'Giving Up' Your Life for Your Kids
February 4, 2014
It's Not 'Giving Up' Your Life for Your Kids

Dr. Laura,

Years ago, I was going through a divorce and thought after it was finalized I would find another bride and move on with my life.  I had 3 young children and at the time didn't realize I shouldn't do that. As I was listening to your program, you told a woman she shouldn't get remarried because she had a young daughter and it was her responsibility to take care of her child until she was 18 years old. WOW!!  At first I was taken aback. I thought you were crazy. How can you expect us to give up our lives just because our kids are young? How could that be possible? I was 46 years old and had 4, 6 and 9-year-old kids. That would mean that I couldn't remarry until I was 60 years old.

Well, I took that advice and gave my kids me free of a stepmother and step-siblings and I came to find out that you were right.  I made the right decision. Most people ask me why I don't get remarried, and of course, they are always trying to fix me up. I do go out with women and have a very active social life, but I do it on my time. I don't have women sleeping over in front of my kids. I set an example for them to understand that shacking up is not an acceptable thing to do. I tell my friends because of the advice I heard on your program, I made the decision to do the right thing and raise my kids the right way. I see the issues of step-families and am glad that I made that decision.

You changed my life and my children's lives that night and I can't thank you enough.  I am my kids Dad - first and foremost.





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