Life As A Single Woman
August 1, 2018
Life As A Single Woman

I am an artist and listen to your show while I paint!  I've been divorced for over 12 years.  My children are grown, married, and I'm a first-time grandma too.  I want to let your listeners know that there is life for them as a single woman after divorce.

I love being single.  I can do what I want, eat when I want and where I want.  I can watch my TV shows when I want.  My time is my own.  My father wants me to meet someone, so I "won't be lonely," but I told him that I didn't want to ruin the new positive life I've carved out for myself.  You don't really need to be with someone else to be happy, but you do have to enjoy being yourself.  

I'm a very confident woman.  I have my own money and travel a lot. I also ran my own dojo for over 10 years and was the first woman kickboxing judge way back when.  I shoot pool, ride horses and enjoy life.  

I did marry badly the first time, but now that that's over, I'm creating the life I want, and I'm loving it.  


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