Pancakes And My Heart
April 18, 2017
Pancakes And My Heart

Dr. Laura:

I've been married for 30 years.  When my wife was in her late teens and I was in my early 20s, we used to car pool together to a local community college.  I was kinda sweet on her, but she made it clear that she just considered me a friend.  One day, I only had ten dollars on me and I needed it to buy gas.  She said she had only $3.59 on her, and then we both joked about how poor we were as we made our way to school.
After our first class, we had a break, and I mentioned how hungry I was, but I'd have to wait until I got home because I had no money left.  She got up from the table, and when she returned, she was carrying a plate with two pancakes and two pieces of bacon that cost $3.50 at the school snack bar.  She said "I don't want you to be hungry."  That small gesture told me so much about her, and that's when I realized she DID care for me.  She became my girlfriend at that very moment, and has been and always will be my girlfriend.  
That was more than 30 years ago, and after two kids and a lot of living, we still share our pancakes to this day.  


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