Who Agrees With 100% Of Anything?
May 19, 2017
Who Agrees With 100% Of Anything?

I heard you mention another email you received from a 'liberal, feminist' listener and I had to laugh. I also proudly fit that description and agreed with her statements of why she listens and how she integrates your program into her worldview.

I have listened on and off to you since I was in my twenties and while I also don't agree with everything you say, I appreciate your opinion and insight. I think there are other listeners out there, who like me, value your advice even when we don't always agree with 100% of it. Who does agree with 100% of anything? My anecdotal experience has shown me that while what we hear and see in the media leads many to believe the worst of both liberals and conservatives, plenty of folks are in the middle and not extreme in their words or actions.

Overall, just confirming for you-- there are women who appreciate your time and efforts. Thank you for decades of interesting and enlightening radio.

Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM