Former Day Care Provider
November 13, 2014
Former Day Care Provider

Hi Dr. Laura, 

I often listen to you talk about the merits of being a stay-at-home mom and I couldn't agree more! Quite a while ago after college and before getting my master's degree in Early Education, I worked at the top-rated day care center in a large metro area. It was, by many accounts, a fabulous facility with top-notch educated providers. However, the only thing I learned, while working there for 6 months, was that I would NEVER put my future children in day care. 

We "teachers" put together educational and fun activities, read books, did art projects, etc., but truly this was all just child maintenance, not child development. While we were caring people, these were not our own children, and no amount of money could make us love and care for these kids the way they needed to be loved daily. It was a job, and while we did it to the best of our ability, the most important aspect that was lacking for these kids for 8+ hours a day was love and an investment in their lives and futures. 

I am a proud stay-at-home mom to my 2 kids and while it has been tough financially at times, my kids only have 1 childhood and I will have plenty of time to work when they are up and out! These are precious years and I wouldn't trade them for anything! 

Thank you for all that you promote, 


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