Strategies For Keeping My Mental Health
April 13, 2020
Strategies For Keeping My Mental Health

As with all of us, major life changes have accompanied COVID-19.  Our 17-month-old grandson moved to South Carolina with his parents in order to protect us (we are in our 70s).  For over a year, we babysat him daily.  Our family has respected our need to quarantine, however.  My strategies for keeping mentally healthy currently are:

  • 1.  I thank God daily for our continued good health, and our caring family and frie1nds.

  • 2.  Each day, I call and text or email others to check on their well-being.

  • 3.  I've learned how to use Skype and Zoom to "see" my family and friends.

  • 4.  My line dance teachers are teaching live on Facebook, so I dance three times a week and take daily walks while listening to your podcasts.

  • 5.  My husband and I have great sex frequently, and I cook marvelous meals for us.

In essence, I've established a new routine which gives me purpose and I remain positive by noting the good things happening around me. 

Stay well!


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