Moving Out Of My Comfort Zone
July 12, 2019
Moving Out Of My Comfort Zone

Dr. Laura:

After my youngest kids were out of the house, I was 20 years out of the workforce and in my early 50's with not much of a resume.  I took several "go nowhere" jobs sitting in an office staring at a computer screen.  They were not for me.  

However, I loved to drive (and I remembered your mantra about what you wanted to do between now and dead), and I noticed a "hiring" sign at a local propane delivery company.  I had zero experience in this field, but I submitted an application.  I was shocked when I was called for an interview.  The manager said, "You don't look like a truck driver," and I responded "Well, let me go home and change. I'll be right back!"  That broke the ice, and the interview went flawlessly.  I couldn't believe it when I was hired.  I was the first woman driver ever for this company.

After eight weeks of intensive training, I was given my own truck, and I now spend my days tooling about the countryside, playing "Where's Waldo" in my search for the next propane tank on my route.  I get a ton of exercise on this job, so I've lost 20 pounds too!  I also get to listen to you every day as I'm out and about in the beautiful countryside.  I'm choosing to be graceful as I age (large sunglasses do help!).  I'm grateful to you, Dr. Laura, for chirping in my ear, giving me the encouragement to try something new "between now and dead."


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