Children of Divorce
July 21, 2014
Children of Divorce

I left my husband when my child was 6 months old. My husband had a girlfriend that he refused to give up. It sounds justifiable to file for divorce, right? But if I would have chosen wisely, I would have never been in that position. All the signs were there beforehand, but I kept thinking if I was just better, he would be nicer to me. I thought since my son never lived in a household with two parents, he would just accept living with a single mother was normal. Not so. School functions, activities, and invitations, all screamed, "Only one parent in the household. I am different! Something must be wrong with me!"

As time went on, my son learned how to use the separation of his parents to his benefit. He is now in his twenties and I can feel he believes he does not have a real place to call home. For 18 years of his life, my son spent every other weekend and several weeks throughout the year with his father. As my son got older, there were so many children with divorced families, I thought the children could adjust easily. I was so wrong. Just because everyone else seems to be going through the same thing, doesn't change how conflicted and unstable a child may feel.

I am highly recommending a movie: "What Maisie Knew". Its story is told through the eyes of a child whose parents are going through a divorce. It is very heartbreaking and I cried several times.



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