Taking Care Of Business
February 26, 2016
Taking Care Of Business

Dear Dr. Laura,

My 17-year-old niece was going to the homecoming dance with a male friend and two other couples. My sister and I dropped her off at a parent's house, so we could meet the boy and his mother.

When my niece introduced me to the boy, I slid up to him and put my arm around his shoulder. Then, smiling like The "Don" in a Godfather movie, I said, "I've known this young lady since the moment she entered this world. I expect you to have her home safely by midnight". Then, while squeezing this football player's shoulder with ever increasing pressure, I continued, "...I have lots of money...AND I know people..."

I swear I don't know what came over me! It was as though I was possessed. Partly, it's just in my nature. I don't really panic in emergency situations. I'm a doctor, and once, at a duplicate bridge tournament, I successfully defibrillated & resuscitated a man in full cardiac arrest. Then I went back to the table to make my 4 spades contract.

Thanks for clarifying for me that I'm truly alpha male and for supporting me when I "take care of business".


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Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM