A Calming Effect
December 12, 2018
A Calming Effect

I just recently discovered your show on SiriusXM Radio. I used to listen to your program about 10-12 years ago, when your program was carried on WLS 890 AM radio out of Chicago. I was about 20 years old at the time and am now 33. I always wanted to share this little story with you.

When I was around 20, I used to work on a large hog farm operation in DeMotte, Indiana. It was a 2,000 sow farm and every week we were farrowing. My job was to unload a room of 36-48 sows, clean the room and pressure wash it to a spotless condition. Then, the following morning I would bring in a new group of sows that were ready to drop babies in the next day or two.

I would have to bring them into the room, load them into their farrowing crates and wash them. The washing process was done by spraying them down with water followed by a spraying of a soapy mix. Then I would take a brush and scrub each hog as clean as I could get them.

Every morning that I did this, I would carry a large boombox into the farrowing house and turn on your radio program! I always tried to time things just right to start the washing at the beginning of your show. Once Dr. Laura was turned on, it would take the room of 36-48 hogs about 10-15 minutes to calm down, relax and at times, many were so calm they would actually go to sleep! YOU made my job easier!

I always brought a boombox into the room to listen to your show because I really found the calls very interesting, as well as your brutal answers! The hogs must have found some comfort in your voice because you could take that rowdy room of screaming, unhappy, fat pregnant hogs and turn them into a quiet, relaxed herd of swine in about 15 minutes!

Thanks for reading my story.


Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM