I Didn't Appreciate Him Enough - Until Now
October 27, 2011
I Didn't Appreciate Him Enough - Until Now

I am still working on being the wife I need to be and hopefully after the perspective I received today I'll continue to improve.

My husband and I married young, I often use the phrase, "Don't regret it, Don't recommend it." One thing my dad did say to me during our engagement was, "I'll never have to worry about you financially.  Your husband-to-be is a hard worker." At the young age of 18, I didn't really understand that phrase, but I do now and my dad was right. My husband is an amazingly hard worker. We've worked together to accomplish some amazing things (including our six children), and I have had the great pleasure of being home full time with them most of their lives, but I think I've taken it for grant it a little bit.

After reading "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" I've tried to change some of my bad habits and mind sets, but unfortunately I fall back into some of those bad habits, and become a little demanding and selfish.

A couple weeks, ago my husband became short staffed at work.  At this same time he changed computer systems, which has put another stress into the equation. I offered to come in and help a little. He said whatever I could do, would be great. He also made the point I should come and go as needed for our kids left at home. I've been doing this for about 3 weeks, for just 3 days a week, for probably a maximum of 3 hours a day. Now that I have seen him function in the work setting, I am amazed. I'm amazed at his efficiency, at his concern, at how hard he works. This week has been a sad hard week for him. I've seen it a little more first hand than I've ever seen it before. (At home I've just been a sounding board, but I don't experience it and understand it like I did this week.) Emotionally, he has had to deal with things that are some of the saddest things in life, and he still keeps going.  He's worked long hours and then comes home and gets called back in to finish something. We knew when he chose this profession this was what would happen, but I haven't ever comprehended (and probably still don't), how mentally and physically exhausting his job is. Yet daily he leaves the house to go to work, daily he helps me clean up once he gets home, weekly he helps with the wash, goes to the kids' games, and listens to me about the concerns of our family. I just don't appreciate him enough nor do I put forth the same effort he does. He motivated me today to keep going when life seems overwhelming, unfair, or I'm just too tired.  He motivated me to be better and to be the wife he deserves.


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