Take Time to Grow Up First
September 5, 2018
Take Time to Grow Up First

Dr. Laura -

I saw in our local paper last evening a couple, who my kids had grown up knowing, had gotten a divorce. They have two school-age kids who are approx. 8-10 years old. PLEASE keep pounding it into people's heads they need to really KNOW their prospective partners - take time to grow up before you commit, and never, never ignore red flags about the other person! Also, please keep emphasizing the participants in a really solid marriage never stop being their spouse's boyfriend or girlfriend. That relationship is the cement in a marriage, and good kids and happy parents are the product.

Can you imagine this couple (they are both in their late 30's) telling their kids "Happy Birthday - and by the way, we're splitting up the family?" It breaks my heart!


Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM