Teaching Students Today
December 14, 2012
Teaching Students Today

I started teaching in the late 60s. Students had the core subjects (English, social studies, science and math) when I first started. Electives were band and chorus. Other courses offered with some degree of required were agriculture, home economics, P.E., business courses of typing, shorthand, and accounting.

Today starting in the lower grades, students have required core classes AND required keyboarding, careers, shop, music, art, gym. Their only electives are band and chorus. We are asking the students to chop their day up into such small pieces that it is impossible for a teacher to reach the students and hold their attention for 30-45 minutes. I felt more and more time being taken away. I was diligent in helping the students, but less and less time was the norm.

I retired after 30 years because the teachers were required to do more and more with less and less time. Give the teachers back enough time to do their jobs. Our students are hurting because of it. Also untie the teachers' hands in discipline and value topics. In my latter days in the classroom, I could not do anything in even the "teachable" moments of the day.

Bring back the 60s!!!


Posted by Staff at 8:43 AM