Remembering Dad
September 3, 2013
Remembering Dad

I have listened to your program for many years and most recently have brought your picture to my hair stylist to replicate one of your many do's.
As we approach the anniversary of my husband's passing, it brought to mind what my son had wrote for my husband's obit as well as his feelings one year later.  And although we are coming upon the 6th year, his words are still powerful.
We had a 30 year marriage in which we both grew and matured together - some of it painful, but always a respectful relationship with a man who was a great husband and wonderful father. We were so looking forward to the years of our children being on their own while we traveled together, just being spontaneous without children underfoot. Unfortunately that was cut short.
We often wondered if we provided 'fun' childhood memories and what our kids thought of us as parents.  Were we 'fun' and 'cool' while doing our parental duties to steer them straight, giving them good moral values and guidance to take into their adulthood? Reading my son's words confirm we did provide all the right things, but it would have been nice if my husband could have had that affirmation through my son's words.
Today at the 6th year anniversary of my husband's passing, I couldn't possibly stand taller and prouder of my children's accomplishments and also realize I am who I am today, not only through my children, but the love and support my husband always provided.
Please take a few moments to read my son's powerful words as he paints a picture of who his Dad was.  By the way, he is a writer for the NY Post, but this is from his blog.
It pains me to hear couples struggling to make life work and understand that a loving relationship is special and should not be taken for granted. People spend more time coveting their jobs and work life and forget the one thing that will be there when the job fails or when it's over. We can always start a new job, reinvent yourself many times over, but marriage and raising children, we get one shot, make it your best.
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